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HomeFlik app creates listing videos in minutes

iPhone video app limits takes and automatically edits scenes for easy-to-share, effective listing videos
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  • App deliberately limits scenes to ensure short, concise videos.
  • One time fee of $4.99 is for lifetime use, no subscriptions are required.
  • App requires no editing.

HomeFlik is an iPhone app for producing professional listing videos without editing.

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HomeFlik is a simple listing video creation app.

Platforms: iOS
Ideal for: All agents working at any price point

Top selling points

  • No editing
  • Clear, step-by-step interface
  • Short, concise videos
  • Only $4.99 for lifetime use

Top concerns

Limited soundtrack options and text-overlay features for those who may want more sophisticated editing options.

What you should know

It’s pretty fascinating how easy video production has become since the onset of smartphone cameras.

HomeFlik makes that fact ever more clear.

After download and an easy set-up, tapping the “+” icon opens a new project. You can then choose from a small selection of pretty basic soundtracks. (Don’t overthink it.)

HomeFlik’s interface shows you a series of small, labeled boxes. Each represents a portion of the house and video, e.g., introduction, living room, kitchen, backyard, conclusion.

Tap a box and push the record button. If you like what you got, keep it and tap the next section. You can also redo each step.

HomeFlik deliberately limits the length of your piece because the truth is, that’s all the time you need to capture most homes.

Completed videos are processed for you — no editing is needed. They can be immediately uploaded to a Facebook account. However, the app’s developer says it’s better to download videos to your phone for universal use on platforms such as YouTube and your website.

HomeFlik is so fast and simple that agents can use it to record their own home previews or broker open houses for sharing with prospective buyers. It doesn’t have to be limited to active listings.

For another $4.99 you can have the HomeFlik watermark removed.

The app launched less than a month ago and by year’s end is expected to have more in-app features, such as branding and a wider music selection.

There is no subscription for HomeFlik — the $4.99 is a one-time purchase.

While its simplicity may lead some agents to believe this is a tool best for less “extravagant” listings, I advise you to not think that way. HomeFlik’s Facebook page shows a number of luxury listing agents boasting about its ease of use.

If you’re not using video to market listings, you should be. (Granted, some markets are so tight right now that a crayon sketch could provoke an offer.)

Point is, video is now too easy not to use.

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