Many consumers aren't sure what the difference is — or whether there even is one
Oct 11
An investigation into the foreclosure practices of Mnuchin's former company is raising eyebrows
Jan 16
Bureau installs five new officers as it continues to battle legal challenges to its single-director structure
Jan 10
Mortgage lender says court’s finding that CFPB’s single-director structure is ‘unconstitutional’ should stand
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Dec 14 offers mortgage management and homeownership tools to consumers
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Some agents and brokers who list the GSE's homes could find themselves directly in the line of fire
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Groups want federal court to hear their positions in the ongoing PHH-CFPB battle
Dec 5
OpesView mobile app enables buyers to get a full picture of their financial future
Nov 29
Bureau says three-year RESPA battle with mortgage lender could be ‘the most important separation of powers case in a generation’
Nov 21
Freddie Mac study finds a majority of agents are referring clients to lenders but don't feel comfortable fielding mortgage questions themselves
Nov 16
The company's latest earnings report was filed this week
Nov 3
Although decision upholds RESPA’s exemptions for certain affiliated business practices, industry leaders caution that it’s ‘not a green light for MSAs’
Nov 3
Through Student Loan Payoff ReFi, a partnership with Fannie Mae, homeowners can use their equity to pay down education debt
Nov 2
SindeoOne app aims to help borrowers apply for a mortgage in five minutes
Oct 14
Mortgage lender topples regulator in case over whether its captive reinsurance practices violated RESPA
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Bank’s employee cross-selling scheme could have collateral damage for mortgage lending -- here's how to help clients clean up the mess
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NAR survey finds pros and cons for agents in the first year under the new mortgage transaction regime
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'First-of-its-kind' agreement crumbles in federal court cases alleging breach of contract
Sep 27