How can brokers meet agents’ tech needs?

How can brokers meet agents' tech needs?

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The first part of our special report, released last week, covered how agents are using their brokerages' tech offerings, how much they're spending out-of-pocket and how they feel about the tech tools provided to them by brokerages. What can brokerages learn from these findings? Who's doing it right and who needs to play catch-up? What do agents say they want? Keep reading to find out. Download our full report with findings Wanted: more training and support While often lauding the quality of tools provided by their brokerages, many survey respondents said they still wished they received more help with learning to master them. Hands-on care was in particularly high demand. "More face-to-face training, not just webinars," said one respondent. Less can be more Many agents said they feel overwhelmed by the number of tools provided by their brokerage. Some asked for a more manageable set of products that prioritized ease of use over horsepower. "Simplify technology tools. Th...