Should in-house agents compete? This indie broker says 'no'

How The Holden Agency views real estate teamwork
  • Like real estate agents, baseball players are independent contractors, and the industry could learn from the sport's "if you help me, we all win" work ethic.
  • As a brokerage, hosting events without an underlying sales pitch for prominent people in the community can build trust and brand recognition.
  • Consumers aren't necessarily swayed by an agent's sales numbers, so it can be beneficial to take a more humble marketing approach.

A former professional junior league baseball player, Jerry Holden wanted to build a team that mirrored the values found in America’s favorite pastime.
The way he looks at it, all ball players are independent contractors like real estate agents. He liked the “if I help you and you help me, we will win the World Series” work ethic that he saw in the sport and brought it with him to his own company.