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Courtesy of Dave Gooden and Cameron Henkel

Courtesy of Dave Gooden and Cameron Henkel

10. These two Midwestern tech entrepreneurs built a brokerage around online leads — here’s how.

Thorsten Schmitt /

Thorsten Schmitt /

9. If what you think of as customer service could also be construed as harassment, maybe you need to rethink it.

A big tree with expansive branches

Chayasit Fangem /

8. What’s with the heavy shade being cast about Upstream? Sam DeBord breaks it down.

Nawanon /

Nawanon /

7. Matterport just leveled-up 3-D tours with a virtual reality boost.

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kenkistler /

6. A new tool helps brokerages coordinate listings in-house, giving their own agents’ buyers first crack at listings and double-ending more deals.

A bridge being built across a landscape

imagenfx /

5. High-tech home flipper Opendoor is attempting to mend bridges with agents, but not all of them are convinced.

Fotos593 /

Fotos593 /

4. A list of 5 areas where some brokers are cutting corners to help meet modern demands.

A crowded marketplace

Suwatchai Pluemruetai /

3. Facebook just took home listings (and all other kinds of things for sale) to a different level with Marketplace.


2. Watch Zillow Group COO Amy Bohutinsky go over some consumer data findings on stage at Inman Connect San Francisco.

A large ostrich egg among smaller chicken eggs

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1. Meet Premier Broker, the latest member of Zillow Group’s product suite.

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