7 responses to sellers who want to attend their own open house

Ideas for handling the conversation, and when to let it go
  • A seller's presence at an open house can make buyers feel uncomfortable, some agents say.
  • Sellers may want to tell their home's story. Listing agents can help them do so without them having to attend this marketing event.
  • Pick your battles.

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Like the helicopter parents who want to chaperone a teenage party, helicopter homesellers attending their own open house can be a real buzzkill. That's how many Realtors feel about the matter, as discussed on a group thread in Raise the Bar in Real Estate. But telling your clients the truth in such harsh terms, if they want to be there, risks backlash and unprofessionalism. Real estate agents are in the business of customer service, after all, and homeowners' feelings matter -- even when you've given every reason for them to trust you professionally. How can you talk to them about their presence at this marketing event with class, creativity and understanding? And in what cases should you grant their wish, if any? Here are seven ideas or ways to react, as recommended by industry pros who hashed out the matter on Facebook. 1. Give your seller the ability to tell the home's story -- from a distance  Listen to your sellers' reasons for wanting to attend. If they fe...