Gary Gold: 5 ways to get a great buy in a seller’s market

How to ensure your buyers get the best deal

Great deals are rarely listed on the MLS as a great deal — especially in a seller’s market. They are often deals that have been crafted through the strategic efforts of the buyer’s agents and listing agents. Use these five tips to get a great deal for your buyers.

1. Know the market

If you don’t know the market, you’ll either offer too little or too much.

2. Act fast

If you have to stop and learn the market, you won’t act fast enough, and you’ll miss the boat.

3. See if the seller has a problem you can fix

Sometimes the buyer can fix a problem for the seller, which can make the offer one the seller can’t refuse.

4. Don’t overlook properties that have been on the market

Homes that have been on the market for awhile have less interest, so it’s much easier to cut through the noise.

5. Network with listing agents

Being on the short list of listing agents who have properties for sale is invaluable.