6 ideas to fuel your real estate prospecting efforts

Use past performance, analytics and market insights to focus prospect targeting methods
  • Digital and traditional prospecting methods build on each other.
  • Combining your boots-on-the-ground knowledge with data should give you all sorts of great ideas for prospecting.
  • Find creative ways to participate in the community, and get to know your neighbors.

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You’ve held open houses, sent direct mail newsletters and made the dreaded cold calls. You’ve handed out your business card so often it’s become a reflex. But you’re still not generating enough solid leads. Or maybe you are generating leads, but it feels unsustainable. The traditional avenues of prospecting still work, to an extent. But why stop at traditional when there are so many affordable ways to fuel your prospecting efforts? 1. Rethink direct mail with big data Diminishing returns on direct mail may mislead you into thinking that direct mail is dead. Direct mail is not dead; $9 billion of the $11.5 billion spent on data and related solutions for marketers went into perfecting mailing lists in 2015. What is dead is the old way of doing direct mail. Spending thousands to send mailers to every homeowner in a given ZIP code is no longer necessary when you can leverage the power of data. By gaining insights on marital status, age and occupation, you can target your...