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Glossy lifestyle mag gets your brand on client coffee tables

ReminderMedia's magazine can be customized for real estate agents and mailed to multiple client lists
  • Regularly audited, glossy and agent-branded magazine can be leveraged as a marketing tool.
  • Company allows agents to customize covers, tear-out cards and send to multiple mail lists.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. ReminderMedia prints glossy, customized lifestyle magazines for agents to use in marketing efforts. Platforms: Browser; coffee and end tables; office lobbies Ideal for: Any agent or team looking for a unique form of differentiation Top selling points Professional, high-quality publication Multiple levels of customization Proven readership metrics Top concerns The quality of your database will determine how well this marketing effort works for you. What you should know Don't tell the people at ReminderMedia that print is dead. Actually, I'm not much a believer in that notion, either. I just subscribed to a hard copy magazine the other day. ReminderMedia is a company that publishes a magazine called "American Lifestyle" for businesses to use in marketing. Real estate is a heavy focus for the company. The cover can be printed with a headsh...