KeepSolid Sign
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New e-signature competitor KeepSolid Sign nimbly inks deals

  • The fully digital transaction for some reason continues to evade the real estate industry.
  • App helps agents prioritize access to documents based on permissions to sign.
  • DocuSign has a powerful hold on the real estate industry, making it difficult for new competitors to break through.
KeepSolid Sign
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. 'KeepSolid Sign' is an iOS app for digitally signing documents. Platforms: iOS; browser Ideal for: Agents or teams who are mobile heavy and not satisfied with common industry providers Top selling points Usability Interface design Status tracking of multiple docs Assign order of signers Top concerns Many big-name signing tools are embedded in existing transaction management platforms and MLS relationships, which I feel limits agents to better-suited products. KeepSolid's adoption could suffer as a result. What you should know KeepSolid Sign is a sharp-looking and practical digital signature app. I don't always take the time to install and explore apps on my own, but I find myself needing e-sign tools quite often these days. Why not see if KeepSolid Sign can take over CamScanner and HelloSign as my document management go-to? Sign-up on m...