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Big data-based Cherre generates elegant marketing presentations instantly

The tool gives users a highly-detailed, market-wide look at every property in a search area
  • Company's secret sauce is an algorithm that processes hundreds of data sources to advance market knowledge, create listing presentations and CMAs, and quickly build lead profiles.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Cherre is a data-driven brokerage management and marketing solution. Platforms: Browser; iOS companion app Ideal for: Larger, tech-savvy real estate offices; boutique, urban brokerages; New York City-based real estate companies. Top selling points Proprietary data aggregation tools Property history/ownership data Automated entity resolution Marketing plan timelines Free Top concerns Quite frankly, Cherre might be too much for some brokerages. Perform thorough due diligence. What you should know Cherre is the most advanced solution for propelling real estate operations that I've reviewed, which is an almost-instant competitive advantage for the companies with the right agent culture to wield it. Yet, its Kubrickian user interface (UI), beautiful in its exceptional utilitarianism, belies its highly sophisticated data-supported underpinnings. ...