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5 social media resolutions every agent should make

How to set yourself up for a year's worth of success

Ready to rock social media in 2018? With all of the options you have including which platform to post on and how you should set your ad spend, there’s a lot to consider. But there’s even more opportunity. Let’s get you set up for social media success with these five easy social media resolutions. 1. Create a consistent brand image tailored to your audience Everything you post or say on social media is a representation of you. So, start thinking of yourself as a public figure or brand in the way you present yourself online. The type of content you create, share -- even how you comment -- should be in line with your brand image. The same goes for your visual aesthetic. Creating consistency in the way your photos and images appear will not only help your current audience recognize you, but engaging visuals will also help you attract more followers. A great source of inspiration for this is Instagram. Notice how your favorite Instagrammers and top personalities have a visu...