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Quo app wants to help you keep track of high-demand buyers

ICNY 18 Startup Alley participant app allows agents to collaborate with buyers during home searches and transactions
  • App also allows agents to constantly stay in touch with buyers and track their preferences.
  • Local MLS connections embed listings directly into the app and drive conversations between parties.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Quo is an app for agents to collaborate with buyers during home searches and transactions. Platforms: iOS Ideal for: All tech-forward agents and teams Top selling points Centralized source of communication Multiple listing service (MLS) integrations Lifestyle-driven home searches Past activity tracking Top concerns Quo's developers are working on transaction workflow that I think will mar the valuable intent of the app in its current state. I could be wrong, but I feel they're already offering agents and consumers a valuable product. What you should know Quo is a sharp, common-sense app that can help real estate agents stay in touch with today's high-demand, fast-twitch buyers. Its launch comes at a good time, as inventory shortages are making the buying environment a stressful, rapid-fire experience. In concept, Quo is simple: buyers a...