Why managing your own social media is a waste of time as a business owner

You could be doing so much more with the hours you spend online

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What’s the basic building block of success for you or your business? That’s easy. The very first thing to do is make sure other people know you exist, what you do and how you can solve their immediate problem or help their situation. And what’s the simplest way to do that in this day and age? Again, easy: social media. That’s where everybody is (or so it seems), including your target market. Social media usage is massive — and growing Statistics show us that the use of social media — including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and others — is massive and continuing to grow. This year, eMarketer predicts, 2.65 billion people worldwide (representing more than 72 percent of internet users) will use social media at least once every month. According to Global Web Index, digital consumers in 2017 were spending an average of two hours and fifteen minutes a day on social networks and messaging. Here’s how Mediakix broke down the numbers for average ...