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New platform poised to organize your brokerage tech stack

Delta Media Group's DeltaNet platform offers midsize and large brokerages a multifaceted business and marketing management solution
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Delta Media Group’s DeltaNet is an enterprise platform that offers a multifaceted business and marketing management solution for midsize and large brokerages.

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Delta Media Group provides an enterprise platform, DeltaNet, for agent and brokerage marketing and business productivity.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Midsize to large brokerages and teams

Top selling points

  • Total custom IDX every website
  • Wide array of third-party integrations
  • Data speed; 10-minute updates of 350 multiple listing service (MLS) feeds
  • Built-in SEO strategies

Top concerns

Adoption of agents within large brokerages. The company cited “around 60 percent” agent adoption within large brokerage customers, but it’s likely that many of the product’s features go untapped.

What you should know

Delta Media Group’s DeltaNet platform is a product for brokerages looking to consolidate the spilled bag of marbles that far too often describes today’s real estate office technology stack.

The company offers just about every facet of digital marketing a brokerage and its agents need to uncover and monitor lead activity, and it also mixes in a few innovative value-adds.

Websites can be totally hard-coded from the ground-up, or assembled using a library of page designs and feature modules the company has developed over time.

In honing its web design offerings, DMG surveyed the approximately 20,000 websites it services to explore lead behavior.

The company found that while 70 percent of a real estate site’s traffic is on mobile devices, 68 percent of all website leads originate from desktop browsers.

As a result, that is where DMG focuses when it comes to both buyer and seller lead generation for its clients.

Creative IDX-supported websites are backed by one of the industry’s fastest property data feeds, allowing new listing and saved searches to be close to real-time accurate. Some sites are refreshed every 60 seconds. The average stands around 10 minutes.

The company provides a unique approach to SEO marketing with automated subdivision and school district pages.

As opposed to fighting portals for “page one” dominance via short key-phrasing tactics (e.g., “homes for sale in St. Paul, Minnesota”), Delta Media Group uses a system of individual pages for neighborhoods and school districts within a client’s MLS.

This tactic, mid- to long-tail key phrasing, gives brokerages more practical and highly localized search benefit. For example, a search for St. Paul real estate may not result in a first or second page link for your St. Paul-based company; but, a search for “Homes in the Eden Prairie Public School District” would land your company front and center, or close to it.

This technique offers a commonsensical way for homebuyers to search online, and it eliminates the need for agents to create new content around this information.

Delta Media Group supports its websites with ongoing training and on-call assistance, and there is a steady stream of video updates and training events accessible from within the software.

Again, DeltaNet is a large-scale, multifaceted whole-office marketing solution that includes countless ways for agents to find and manage leads, and for their brokers to make sure they’re doing what they should.

Here’s a partial list of standout features:

  • Included lead follow-up action plans
  • Automated Facebook posts
  • Multioffice brokerage support
  • Email newsletters that adjust content to recipient interest
  • Always fresh library of e-cards, flyers and brochures
  • Agent page testimonial management
  • Robust broker and agent-centric dashboards
  • Long list of popular third-party technology partnerships
  • MCFL (My Customer for Life) newsletter campaign

Inman was shown how many of these functions coalesce to provide real estate professionals a sleek, well-thought-out solution to the many pain points associated with trying to keep hundreds of agents in different offices and at different levels of revenue on-brand and most importantly, consistently financially viable.

Some websites designed by Delta Media Group:

Delta Media Group has more than 350 brokerages on its roster, more than 60 of which are LeadingRE brands. Costs range greatly based on agent volume, account status and additional marketing budgets, but know that it’s a capital investment-type commitment.

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