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Delta Media's impressive update to DeltaNET plants proptech among enterprise peers: Tech Review Update

Delta Media Group's DeltaNET platform, now at version 7, allows for an array of intricate customization for any size operation and combines it with stability, ease of use and powerfully integrated
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Delta Media Group’s DeltaNET platform, now at version 7, allows for an array of intricate customization for any size operation and combines it with stability, ease of use and powerfully integrated.

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Delta Media Group’s DeltaNET system is a comprehensive enterprise marketing and sales support platform

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Midsize to large brokerages and teams
Initial review: Jan. 2019
Update: Oct. 2023

Top selling points

  • Easy, platform-wide customization
  • Wide array of third-party integrations
  • DeltaPitch CMA/presentation solution
  • New Agent Academy skills/function training
  • Ability to scale

Top concerns

This isn’t necessarily a plug-and-play solution, as most applications with this kind of scalability and business-wide impact demand upfront attention to implementation and require ongoing adoption support. This merely means that it should be treated as such, and that internal resources will be needed to ensure its impact.

What you should know

Delta Media Group’s DeltaNET platform, now at version 7, is a widely customizable and top-down enterprise platform that has convinced me this company needs to be talked about more than it has been. After years of demonstrating its viability and collective tools’ capabilities, the company put its engineers to work with a mandate on application-wide flexibility, wanting every function to overlap with an office’s location, agent count, marketing practices, sales tactics and internal workflows.

From custom websites that adjust for regionalization to its My Customer For Life (MCFL) long-term attention campaigns, Delta Net 7 is an ideal software investment for the modern brokerage, allowing it to adapt to the newfound independence brokers are granting teams, top producers and selling to new recruits.

There are more than social media capabilities, website calls-to-action, email marketing packages and back-end communication tools to help facilitate anything an agent or team will need to capture leads, capture them and service their needs through closing, meaning there are also task management modules, transaction oversight and performance reporting.

Know that when I say that Delta Media needs to be “talked about more,” I mean that about myself. Yes, it helps when a company’s PR team keeps me in the loop, but good PR in no way equates to a good product. It’s our job — mine in this case — to know what readers will benefit from knowing. Delta Media’s place amongst proptech’s bigger players is stable, and I think that after this release, ready to grow.

I was highly cynical of the initial announcement of this release’s emphasis on customization because that often means handing over too much control to the user, a risky bet in the enterprise space, which relies on a top-down implementation and nuanced overlap with corporate structure.

Delta Net 7 is able to balance agent-level independence with high-level oversight, done in part through Delta Net Academy, a new component that provides training webinars on the system’s functionality. Agents can be granted access upon completion of each module, understanding of which is even tested with actual tests. The office manager or team lead needs only select a box in the admin experience to open access to a component of the system.

The “testing” may seem like an overstep, or an undermining of professionalism, but the broker struggle with software selection and agent buy-in is real, and a massive, multi-faceted investment. It only benefits the end user to “earn” their access to a resource that will better business. It strengthens adoption and over time, creates a baseline of technological consistency as more users gain access and broaden the collective knowledge base.

Delving into features a little bit, DeltaNET 7 goes deeper into SEO marketing, something it’s already proven adept at handling. I argue search engine exposure is growing in importance as the market’s odd conditions send more consumers to the web for answers. Agents, teams and brokerages with well-rounded, location-specific web intelligence delivered through consistent blog content, relevant landing pages and display advertising stand to earn the eyeballs, clicks and form submissions of information-deprived buyers and sellers.

There remain a lot of ways to use email marketing, such as creating property and search-dependent campaigns that can auto-send when its native MLS data is changed in some way. The company provides fully-created-for-you email packages that fire off auto-generated content with flyers, social media posts and other relevant content. Still, I like the individual campaign design interface because it makes you think about what will be most effective and lays out clearly where each message falls in the greater sequence of sends. You can also set it up to change pace and content based on the users’ behaviors.

DeltaNET 7’s newest product is DeltaPitch, a presentation creation/CMA tool that, like all system functionality and entry points, can be directly linked to all other marketing outreach, and email sequences, allowing agents to link each presentation to a prospect’s record for the length of the expected long-term relationship.

For the user, this means you can measure what kind of content resonates with what kind of lead, property price point, submarket and so on. Presentations and CMAs can be collaborative, saved and accessed for future use and updating.

The application provides brokerages with a number of ways to white-label the interface if they want and manage an array of functions with super-tight permissions and carefully control marketing asset production.

In transaction management, DeltaNET 7 works with Dotloop, SkySlope, Property Base and others. Overall, the application relies on a number of system-wide integrations with a number of known and proven proptech partners to help users intertwine experiences that originated from previous brokerage relationships, etc.

My initial review of DeltaNET landed on 4 stars, a ranking I’ll stick with, but with the knowledge that Delta Media has clearly elevated its trophy product with this release. This is a big system that can be reined in when needed and when it’s time to take off the shackles, the company has built features and marketing-smart resources that can keep pace with any rate of growth.

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