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Get more reviews and better SEO with Feefo

This marketing platform uses a connect, convert, optimize model to help agents earn more reviews, more clicks and more clients
Real people. Real reviews. Real insight.

This marketing platform solicits transaction reviews from clients to boost SEO, learn more about customers and advance marketing efforts.

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Feefo is a marketing platform for collecting and maximizing the value of online reviews.

Platforms: Browser, mobile-optimized content
Ideal for: All agents, teams and brokerages

Top selling points

  • 30 percent to 60 percent response rate for reviews
  • Reminders to clients to share reviews
  • Website widget for review display
  • Google partnership boosts SEO

Top concerns

While Feefo has a product for real estate, it serves multiple industries; some agents might be more comfortable with a review marketing tool centered only on real estate.

What you should know

RealSatisfied knew years ago that online reviews can be a powerful marketing resource for real estate agents.

It’s not merely about the good words. Rather, it’s the customer data and SEO byproducts that make reviews really worth the effort.

Feefo, like recently reviewed Empwr Media, is another player in this space that web-lead hungry real estate teams and agents should consider comparing to the others if wanting to push their 2019 marketing in this direction. The company has traction in the U.K. real estate market but is making headway into domestic markets.

Feefo is a big, multifaceted solution that’s highly automated, requiring little day-to-day interaction on the part of its users outside of looking in on progress.

The software delves deeper in customer behaviors by allowing for in-deal surveys and reviews to be sent, capturing reactions at critical stage of the relationship. Each communication, whether text or email, is totally custom to that client’s transaction.

Divided into multiple “products,” Feefo compartmentalizes its features accordingly:

  • Connect: Outreach, review solicitation
  • Convert: SEO push, promotion of reviews on Google, Facebook display ad campaigns
  • Optimize: User interaction with reviews, manage common feedback themes

Feefo can manage reviews and their subsequent promotion across multiple offices, allowing brokers to oversee how each location is performing.

Feefo provided a couple of real estate clients samples. Allsopp & Allsopp is a brokerage based in Dubai, and Andrews Property Group is based in the U.K.

Google Map review integration is also a part of Feefo, and it’s a growing SEO advantage for agents who leverage it.

The visual nature of mobile browsing and growth of location marketing — a result of our “always on connectivity” — are making maps a new form of search engine. Reviews present in these interfaces go a long way toward user credibility.

The “Feefo Hub,” the core of the “Optimize” product, is where users can peer into what people are saying about them. It’s also the place to send and manage review requests, launch campaigns and respond directly to reviews.

Feefo has included the ability to automate responses to positive reviews with what it calls “sentiment analysis” using NLP (natural language processing). Get familiar with the term NLP.

Using a manageable widget, Feefo users can drop carousels of reviews with star ratings on website pages, along with a “Feefo” badge to lend further credibility to the comments.

The latter is more important than one might initially think, and that’s because the internet is frothing with bogus ratings and reviews. The association with “Feefo” gives rating sleuths a legitimate source to feel good about.

Clicking on the Feefo review page opens a landing page to present all published reviews for leads to digest.

This is a robust tool for boosting SEO and a company’s online identity. It’s more than likely best for those teams and brokerages who have made significant investments websites and Zillow accounts.

It’s not going to be as effective for the agents with outdated blogs and broker-sponsored websites.

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