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Inman Review: Will AgentFire light up your web presence?

Using an a-la-carte system of value-add marketing features and modern mobile designs, AgentFire is an ideal for growing teams and agents evolving through the industry
Dominate your local market

Using an a-la-carte system of value-add marketing features and modern mobile designs, AgentFire is an ideal for growing teams and agents as they evolve through the industry.

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AgentFire is a website development and online marketing solution for real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser, mobile-responsive
Ideal for: All agents, teams and brokerages needing websites and web marketing

Top selling points:

  • Highly scalable
  • Backend/content management user experience
  • Available lead-generation content and tools
  • Interactive local mapping features
  • Ideal for all levels of agent

Top concern:

Few. Costs can grow with this a-la-carte solution but only as you need them.

What you should know

AgentFire sits in a unique lane on the web marketing freeway. It’s ultimately a web design company, but it’s created a highly flexible model with easy-to-add site marketing features that sets it apart from what the industry might be used to.

I think AgentFire’s selection of value-add tech is an ideal way for agents early in their careers to establish a credible web presence that can easily scale in sophistication as their business does.

Yet, those agents and teams not new to the business can find a valuable partner in AgentFire, too, as can independent and national-brand brokerages.

The company sells its services in tiers, but every Spark Site (the core of their offering) starts with the same level of quality and features, such as IDX-fed search. Individual agents would start at the Express level, for example, and brokerages and big teams at Enterprise.

AgentFire can be hired to build a totally custom site as well — and it would be a good partner for that.

The company stacked its custom CMS on WordPress, but that foundation is invisible, and you don’t need any WordPress expertise to manage your content.

AgentFire’s add-ons — or widgets, for the sake of familiar terminology — are all designed to capture visitor interest and market your online presence.

The interactive Clickable Maps act as a pocket-sized chamber of commerce, offering visitors a highly localized market map rich with hover-over icons for stores and parks and schools, deep-dives into specific neighborhoods, granular data on schools (with websites and contact information), socioeconomic breakdowns, and local industry and employment highlights.

A Yelp! integration into the site pages can further augment visitor interest.

Content marketing can be added as well. AgentFire staff writes online guidebooks on topics such as selling during a divorce and relocating, or on whatever else around which you may want to build a lead-capture effort.

There are of course property valuation pages, a blogging service and 25 dynamic call-to-action initiation prompts on the homepage.

Apart from the blogging and home valuation page, all others features are only one-time fees, which is what makes AgentFire’s Spark Site such a solid option for beginning and mid-tier agents.

The websites look very good; they’re modern, mobile and sharply branded.

The company has developed an impressive administrative console as well. The backend looks and acts like a website itself. It’s not a menu-driven “dashboard” or clinical page editor.

Customers of AgentFire can access support, schedule training and launch a Success Dashboard that facilitates and tracks how you learn the system. It takes an interest in what you learn about your website solution. Nice.

AgentFire makes it known it has no intention of becoming an all-in-one platform, which makes it easy to argue that other web-dev companies who are all-in-one use web services as bait for higher-cost, sticky technologies such as CRM or transaction management.

Instead, AgentFire can help you connect web leads to existing contact management tools and business solutions, with API connections in place with such notable companies as LionDesk, kvCORE, Chime, TopProducer, and Contactually.

I’m fan of AgentFire. These guys know real estate, they know marketing, and they understand the need for flexibility in a web solution.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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