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Mosaik is peak client experience, the ideal agent productivity solution: Tech Review

Mosaik is the third product of late to put a true emphasis on the client experience, a trend finally being seen as critical because of a number of macro-consumer movement
Agent operating system

Mosaik is an operating system for the client experience, handling listings, tasks, transactions and relationships for real estate agents and teams.

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Mosaik is an operating system for the client experience, handling listings, tasks, transactions and relationships

Platforms: Browser; iOS, Android apps pending
Ideal for: Agents, teams, brokerages and clients

Top selling points:

  • Innovative, AI-integrated home search
  • Task-based, collaborative deal management
  • Client-experience focused
  • Relationship insights
  • Fully integrated homeowner dashboard

Top concern:

Merely the education process required to demonstrate its value. While the company has a smart sales strategy to address it, ensuring the market understands Mosaik’s value proposition will be its only hurdle to widespread adoption.

What you should know:

Mosaik takes over after a buyer or seller becomes a client, an operating system for what comes next. It openly eschews new lead generation (they call it, “bring your own leads”), but instead it uses its robust innovations in client experience to ensure the next time they buy or sell, it’ll be with you.

It does what most CRMs should do without being a CRM. The software filters local MLS feeds into its proprietary collaborative and lifestyle-based search environment, actively tracks and reacts to all forms of client activity, offering automated alerts for new searches, lack of involvement, task response and other critical relationship insights.

Mosaik has a forms and signature tool, a fully functional post-close homeowners portal, transaction and listing management, onboard messaging and client retention functions. In terms of ensuring agents are always in the know on the status of their relationship, I found no stone unturned. This is software for the hardest part of being a real estate agent, the part where you earn your commission.

I’ve had a lot internal takes of late about how during opaque market eras, everyone defaults to lead generation. A stock-your-cellar mentality. It’s a misguided notion. Brokers should be instead ensuring every deal in the works makes it through escrow, and that all the ones that did so from five years ago until last week, still know you’re in business. This is the best way to describe Mosaik. It’s a solution that so connects all the pieces of the post-contract puzzle that, halfway through our demo, I found myself looking for weaknesses instead of collating its benefits. This software is pretty damn close to watertight.

It needs to be said that Mosaik is the third product I’ve seen to put a true emphasis on the client experience. It’s a trend that is finally being seen as critical because of a number of macro-consumer movements, but my take on its emerging role in proptech is that people raised on the convenience of high-tech, high-touch transaction efficiencies are buying homes, and coming away disgruntled and confused about the process.

ListedKit and Trackxi are in this space, too. However, as a category, these companies are hard to plug into the traditional proptech silos. They make cold calling to sell a challenge. I maintain solutions in this space are offering exactly what brokerages need: A prescient, cooling salve for the countless pain points that press on consumers’ nerve systems.

Mosaik’s Insights, for example, alert the agent to noteworthy use patterns of their clients. If a seller hasn’t responded to messages about closing documentation, an “Insight” will surface in the Today display, a social feed-like timeline of all work activity. It does the same if a buyer’s home search activity has suddenly spiked one week from closing, or if a few tasks haven’t been looked at as a milestone approaches.

That feed can serve as a hub for all forms of insights collated system-wide, from approaching task due dates to a client saving a new listing. And every moment can jump a user into the proper, specific module to address the issue. A horizontal content list offers quick totals for total dollar volume Listed and Under Contract, as well as counts for pending To-Dos and Unread Messages. The spread offers a visual summation of market activity, new listings, notifications and tasks.

And on that front, Mosaik has finally shown me what’s possible when a software company actually takes time to consider how people look for homes. It’s wishlist based, an accumulation of prioritized wants and needs input by the buyer and their agent, layered over properties they view. Each want and need is accompanied by a logic-based narrative, or “why” it’s important. This offers agents valuable insight into the buyer’s motivations, becoming actionable relationship data.

The software intuitively applies a match score to each listing, which organically adjusts as new preferences emerge from buyers. Users can also sort and compare preferred listings by picture of specific rooms, such as kitchens and primary bedrooms, for example.

Additionally, a very nifty artificial intelligence integration augments Mosaik’s search experience. Images of preferred homes are read by a computer vision algorithm, the same form of AI for which is known. Mosaik uses it to even identify the exterior views outside windows in photos of preferred listings, as well as dynamically adjusts scoring data applied to the proximity of retail and commercial amenities using connections to geo-spatial data partners.

Tours, comments and a comparison tool are all here, as is a nice list of other financial aspects, such as tax history, HOAs and price changes.

Transactions in Mosaik’s live under the Workshop menu, and drive actions according to status, so, Listed, Under Contract and Clear to Close. There’s a timeline of events, a list of all vendors and people (even invites of the clients) who have a stake in the closing. Deal workflows can be customized and saved as templates, but easily adjusted as anomalies occur. As described by Mosaik, the system runs an “exceptions-based” workflow, meaning its actively looking for potholes, as not as much concerned with the white lines on either side of the deal’s progress.

Transaction Rooms, like all other components, bring everyone along for the ride, clearly displaying all parties prominently. There are per-deal timelines, tasks, tags and a document library, which offers granular document access control.

The Listing suite gives agents unique links to send when an offer is imminent, as well as a simplified offer submission landing page that feeds a comparison engine with tight summaries of each offer’s highs and lows. Buyers, sellers and their invitees can see what’s happening, too.

Smartly, Mosaik partnered with Plunk to enhance its homeowner’s dashbord, using its data to provide ongoing market activity, value tracking and even an estimated rental value, should it be time to go that route. You’ll find the typical home ownership content here, too, such as tax information, documents, maintenance reminders, etc. Oh, and all user interaction as homeowners also feeds the agent more Insights.

There’s also functionality for teams, called Symphony, and a host of “keep-in-touches,” or long-term outreach campaigns with provided email templates.

I wasn’t able to get a look at the mobile version of Mosaik, but I have little doubt it will be executed as well as the browser apps.

Mosaik, to me, appears enterprise-inspired yet not out of reach for the growing agent. There’s a lot to learn, it’s deep, but the user experience is exceptional, giving it that ability to empower a single agent as well as a ten-office brokerage. The company told me it’s very hands-on when it comes to initial onboarding, even helping clients establish internal best practices that can later be translated into the software.

I hope it remains in the hands of its founding team because their understanding of how to help agents remain tethered to their work is impressive. Simply enough, Mosaik rooted their engineers to what the customer needs, and are now giving the result of that to industry.

The company calls its software a “digital sidekick for agents.” I think that lessens its impact; it’s way, way more than a sidekick. It wears the cape.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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