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'If I want to see an apartment, I want to be able to see it within 25 minutes,' says founder of Cribitt
Oct 7
Agents will be able to display their virtual tours as part of their Zillow and Trulia listings
Oct 5
FNF hopes to become 'indispensable' to real estate agents, brokers and teams
Oct 4
The now defunct 'TDL' caught the eye of NYC top broker Ryan Serhant, and there's a new show in the works
Oct 4
If you're comfortable in front of the camera, Inman wants to chat with you at ICSF
Jul 18

Washington, D.C and Baltimore offer two very different scenarios as the housing market heads into fall. Median home price in D.C. slightly dropped annually in September, according to MRIS housing data, while Baltimore home prices jumped 7.9 percent.

Oct 13
Control your financial future through your commission
Oct 13
You need an umbrella when you don't know it's going to rain
Oct 12