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You already have the tools — now it's time to make sure you're using them right
Jan 25
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram -- avoid these pitfalls
Mar 5
Dress to impress, even when it's cold outside
Dec 1
It is possible to rest while you work this winter season
Nov 30
This Thanksgiving, reflect on what being an agent has done for you and your family
Nov 14

As real estate agents begin their careers, they search for the brokerage or team that fits their needs, sometimes scouring the internet for months before initiating any meetings. When changing brokerages, agents often follow a similar process. 

Oct 11

So you have an online lead, now what? Once you do receive a response to one of your online campaigns, you might find yourself on a slippery slope when it comes to responding and monetizing. The strategy below has worked successfully for my clients and me.

Jun 22

Realtors post a lot of cute pictures of babies, dogs and cats. That’s beautiful and wonderful. However, don’t be surprised if no one comments with, “You’re a Realtor; I’d like to list with you!”

Jan 10