Peter's Stories

Let the knowledge pour out of you. When you give away without expectations, the universe rewards it
Jan 9
Don't let fear and ego rule your business
Dec 19
As we move into 2020, make a resolution not to do anything in half measures
Dec 12
Starting your day with gratitude is going to allow you to attack the rest of the day with a mindset that differentiates you from the competition
Nov 26
Don’t wait to be fed information with a silver spoon. Go out, and hunt and forage for what you need to grow
Nov 21
Run toward the white space, and you'll come out on top as a leader when the future seems murky
Nov 14
The 3 best things you can do to crush self-doubt are learn your trade, get comfy with failure and take the leap
Nov 7
Do yourself a favor, and get out of your own way
Oct 31