Rachael's Stories

Being a small business owner in a down economy can feel like a heavy burden, but take heart! Smart budget tactics and collaboration can help you weather the storm
Sep 6
Broker-owners Nancy Almodovar, NAN & Co. Properties and Ian Hoover of Deacon & Hoover Real Estate share their secrets about how they leverage their brands
Aug 30
Don't get bogged down with reinventing the wheel when it comes to marketing and communication. Take advantage of these straightforward tech tools to simplify your routine
Aug 26
This power duo from Texas is having mega success in 2022. Learn how this team is helping their clients win and their brokerage grow in the fast-paced Dallas metroplex
Aug 25
John Cheplak wants brokers to stop herding cats and to start building huge opportunities for their team. Brokers need to make real and meaningful change to retain and attract agents
Aug 25
We asked, and you told. These are the top 10 most cringe-worthy things agents say, that could bust your business and land you directly in hot water
Aug 25
Brokers and team leaders are working to find the best solutions possible to weather the downturn. If your first instinct is to cut staff, your instinct might be dead wrong
Aug 23
How is the role of the agent evolving into influencer marketing? Moderator Kendall Bonner speaks with experts Sean McPeak, Giselle Ugarte, and Glennda Baker about being creators
Aug 19