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Some agents use the iBuying leader as a tool to help clients find the best path for their needs. Here’s how to get started
Feb 14
Publicity around celebrities buying and selling homes has long been a given. That doesn't mean they like it. Agents told Inman that protecting clients' privacy has become a full-time job
Feb 11
Expedia Group earnings still fall short of pre-pandemic levels, but travelers appear to be growing accustomed to living with the virus, executives said during an earnings call Thursday
Feb 11
Better employees reportedly 'leaving the company in droves' following the return of CEO Vishal Garg
Feb 8
Today's rising home prices and a persistent seller’s market differ from the 2007 housing bubble in a few key ways, economists told Inman. In short, don't expect bubbles bursting anytime soon
Feb 3
Even with rising rates, record high prices and an increase in new home construction, the seller’s market isn’t set to end soon, economists and housing experts told Inman
Feb 2
Ron Perelman's sale of the Hamptons estate marks only the latest in an ongoing round of sell-offs by the financier, whose net worth has plummeted in recent years
Feb 1
Would-be renter and TikToker Tom Cashman had his application for an apartment withdrawn after he made an unorthodox request from his future landlord: a reference from past tenants
Feb 1