Teresa's Stories

You've probably been told that if you don't hire an assistant, you'll end up being the assistant. The truth is more complex, so making an effective first hire involves more thought and strategy than you may expect
Mar 25
Real estate is a great industry for women to work in regardless of their age, and the best opportunities are for salespeople, says Realtor Teresa Boardman
Mar 23
Real estate agents are led to believe that there is a correlation between social media success and real estate sales success. It's time to separate facts from wishful thinking
Feb 25
If you must target seniors in your marketing, please treat them with respect, and know that when the say 'no' they mean it
Jan 26
Here's the skinny on the critical info new agents need that they’ll never tell you in licensing class
Jan 17
St. Paul, Minnesota, recently enacted a new rent control ordinance, capping yearly rent increases at 3%, but is it actually progress for housing affordability? A St. Paul native and real estate pro weighs in
Jan 4
Quitting — a job, a person, a brokerage, a business plan — can often be a way to have more by having less
Dec 15
For the past few years, we've been told to look on the bright side. Especially as real estate agents, positivity often comes with the job. But can too much positivity turn toxic?
Dec 2