Don’t be afraid to be bold and daring with your design choices this year. We are venturing into better, brighter times, and our homes are a direct reflection of that
by Antoinette Fargo Jan 30
Houses of this period are hitting the market all across the country. Many require updates and renovation to meet the needs of today's buyers
by Gerard Splendore Jan 21
Whether it’s a brand-new listing or last year’s listing that’s still languishing on the market, these updates will make it look like new
by Antoinette Fargo Jan 19
The 1980s can be characterized as a 'more is more' period of design, with innovative building techniques and styles
by Gerard Splendore Jan 14
Smart home products are great, but how do you decide what stays and what goes when you're selling a home with these upgrades?
by Brandon Doyle Jan 9
When done right, staging evokes a stronger emotional tie for buyers, which translates to a greater commitment to the home
by Misty Soldwisch Jan 6
Find out what really works and what smart home updates and upgrades have proven value, from security features to cleaning products
by Brandon Doyle Dec 28
After the exuberance, freedom and color explosion of 1960s design and architectural styles, the 1970s were more subdued and reflected the political, economic and financial concerns of this decade
by Gerard Splendore Dec 28
It’s not too late to reach out to your clients this holiday season. Designer Antoinette Fargo offers 12 gift ideas for now — or to take you all the way through 2023
by Antoinette Fargo Dec 20
Featuring an explosion of color, glamour and innovation, 1960s kitchens and baths offered style by the mile
by Gerard Splendore Dec 8
Want to make sure your latest listing looks its best? Darryl Davis offers simple staging strategies to enhance every inch of that space
by Darryl Davis Dec 1
No bites on that multimillion dollar home? It may be the vibes. Find out how Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha creates feng shui fixes for luxury listings
by Christy Murdock Nov 30
The luxury structure with diamond-shaped spires will include lavish amenities, such as a concierge team that provides bodyguard, daycare, chauffeur and private chef services
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 23
Take advantage of the warmth associated with holiday memories when marketing your listings this year. Designer Antoinette Fargo offers tips for tablescapes and holiday decor that will win over homebuyers
by Antoinette Fargo Nov 10
Understanding the development of housing styles, including kitchens and baths, is an advantage for today's real estate agent
by Gerard Splendore Nov 8
The 1930s is known as the beginning of modern design, with both Art Deco and Art Nouveau influencing the styles and colors of bathrooms and kitchens in American homes
by Gerard Splendore Oct 24