The Oakland-based company plans to rollout into 40 new US markets by the end of 2018
by | Jun 4
Plaintiff alleges that Invitation Homes charges illegal late fees which can stack up if tenants aren't careful
by | May 31
The Slack Fund invested in six new startups, among them the property management software company Aptly
by | May 24
Competitiveness in the housing market could make it harder for an aging population to find a small home
by | May 23
Report details accounts of landlords harassing tenants to force them to leave and jacking up rents
by | May 21
Discrimination against individuals with disabilities accounts for more than half of fair housing complaints
by | May 21
The trade association is proposing a 181-unit housing development at the site of its Koreatown headquarters
by | May 21
Rental complexes allegedly refused to rent to individuals based on race and national origin
by | May 14
A new article written by Aurora Snow recounts her issues with landlords. But the law doesn’t prohibit discrimination against occupation — should it?
by | May 8
Dana Power, a former top agent at Town Residential, is also making the move to Corcoran
by | Apr 26
The high-tech NYC brokerage says it's still searching for individuals to fill vacant CFO and CTO roles
by | Apr 26
The median value of a US home rose 8% to $213,146 while inventory shrunk by 9%
by | Apr 26
Proposal would increase rent contributions from tenants using the program, which affects some 4.5 million American families
by | Apr 25
Stoop raised $1 million this year for its NYC rental plans
by | Apr 24
Scammer 'Courtesy Grips' is still handing out the lockbox code, but police are investigating the issue
by | Apr 20