As the summer comes to an end, here's a roundup of some recent mortgage-related research that you might have missed
by Lew Sichelman | Sep 10
The reasons under-market-value homes are worth it for buyers
by Anthony West | Apr 25
The organization will offer regulatory compliance education services to brokers and agents
by Amy Tankersley | Feb 29
Companies can show borrowers how their mortgages will adjust over time, compare different loan products
by Amy Tankersley | Dec 14
Tips that will come in handy for your buyer
by Tim Burrell | Aug 14
These tips can prevent you from entering into a calamitous scam
by Brad Boyd | Jul 9
Annual TD Bank Mortgage Service Index indicates that more consumers are thinking about buying
by Amy Tankersley | Mar 11
What to do if bank fails to follow through on mold removal
by Barry Stone | Dec 11
One resident's successes inspire other distressed owners
by Paul Hagey | Apr 6
Realtor Notebook
by Teresa Boardman | Feb 2
Borrowers would need minimum credit score of 580
by Inman | Feb 1
Lenders actively marketing short sales to homeowners facing foreclosure
by David Fletcher | Jan 11
Seniors close to retirement can boost return on investment
by Jack Guttentag | Dec 12
Chase Bank to offer loan-mod, short-sale information to attendees
by Inman | May 6