JPMorgan CEO: Real estate is going to be a big problem for some banks
Not every bank is at risk, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said Monday during an investor conference. But for lenders with more exposure to commercial properties, the months ahead could be tough
by Daniel Houston May 23
KC Conway on a big banking risk that has flown under the radar
Hundreds of banks are exposed to large concentrations of commercial real estate — and high levels of risk, Red Shoe Economics' K.C. Conway, a seasoned Federal Reserve veteran, told Intel
by Daniel Houston Apr 5
First Citizens BancShares to acquire SVB in FDIC-brokered deal
The deal includes the purchase of approximately $72B in loans at a discount of about $16.5B, along with the transfer of all of the bank's deposits totaling about $56B, according to the FDIC.
by Ben Verde Mar 27
Credit Suisse acquired by rival UBS in biggest bank merger since 2008
The acquisition by UBS, one of the largest real estate asset managers in the world, is intended to help contain the crisis of confidence spreading across international financial markets
by Ben Verde Mar 20
Silicon Valley Bank, proptech hub for real estate clients, collapses
In the most dramatic banking implosion since the Great Recession, regulators on Friday shut down the bank, which boasted ties to proptechs, including Airbnb, Opendoor and OJO
Jumbo lending rules loosened for some Wells Fargo customers
Any existing customers at the bank can now apply for non-conforming refinancing. However, those lacking a prior relationship with Wells Fargo will face a harder time
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 13
Wells Fargo hires mortgage tech chief from JP Morgan
Steve Hagerman will serve as Wells Fargo's head of consumer lending technology and will be responsible for the bank's new and emerging technology platforms
by Jim Dalrymple II May 29
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Addresses The Economic Club Of Washington
Jamie Dimon believes that origination and servicing rules are tripping up loans, hurting the economy
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 4
Kathy Kraninger
The US Senate voted 50-49 on Thursday to approve Kraninger as head of the agency that regulates banks and lenders on behalf of the public
by Patrick Kearns Dec 6
Black hole illustration
New rule clarifies timeframe for addressing closing cost increases with consumers
by Patrick Kearns May 1
Why Facebook groups are the worst place for agents to get advice
You’ll find questions that should never be asked on social media, but why?
by Erica Ramus Jun 28
Will 'smart contracts' replace real estate closers?
Innovation could change closings through secure technology
by Sam DeBord Mar 29
Letters from: commercial banking professional Tristan Wright
The trials and tribulations of industry professionals
by Cheryl Spangler Dec 8
5 ways to tell your cash buyer might be a phony
These tips can prevent you from entering into a calamitous scam
by Brad Boyd Jul 9
Are you a rowboat or a sailboat real estate professional?
You either keep your focus on the destination or back at the horizon from which you departed
by Robert Ruth May 7