As Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon CEO, feast on his giant RE portfolio
From LA to Seattle and even West Horn, Texas, Jeff Bezos owns property all across the country. As he prepares to step down as Amazon's CEO, Inman takes a look at his portfolio
A Black agent waited in his car for clients. Then the police were called
Marlon Crutchfield, a Compass agent and real estate photographer, filed a complaint Monday claiming he was racially profiled while waiting to photograph a client's home
'The real estate industry will move forward': Former surgeon general
Dr. Regina Benjamin, the former surgeon general of the United States under President Barack Obama, discusses her role advising Zillow and the link between health and home
by Patrick Kearns Jul 27
2019 and beyond: A look back
Leaders of federal administrations always take credit for roaring economies, but the reality is more complex
by Lou Barnes Dec 27
Glenn Beck struggles to sell mansion, slashes price by $1.25M
The conservative commentator first listed the Texas house for $6.2M in May 2018
Hope, dream and fix it: What agents can learn from 2020 candidates
What agents can learn from presidential marketing campaigns
by Bernice Ross Jun 24
The sale of a Martha's Vineyard mansion may have ruined the Obama family's summer vacation
‘The Chilmark House,’ a property once known as Obama's 'Summer White House,' sold earlier this month for $18M
The Federal Reserve building
Additional increases throughout the year could push mortgage rates as high as 5 percent by year's end
washington dc
The incremental hike marks the third such hike in 2017 and sets the stage for what will likely be three or four adjustments in 2018
A group of people in a voting booth
A survey by Chinese international portal shows diverging opinions on Clinton and Trump
by Gill South Oct 30
'The Global Code': Reshaping luxury real estate as we know it
Clotaire Rapaille teaches us about global buyers and sellers
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Hypnotic persuasion: 3 steps to becoming a legend
With clever words and a touch of wizardry, you can create the aura of a hero like Napoleon and other masters of communication
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6 marketing lessons learned from Donald Trump's campaign
Candidate excels in using the fix-it approach
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Why net neutrality matters to real estate
President, FCC chairman don't see eye to eye
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Real estate portal reports record Q3 revenue, subscriber count and Web traffic
by Paul Hagey Nov 5