Texas' growing Asian American and Pacific Islander presence
Having grown up in Texas, broker-owner Kelley Liu has seen first-hand how the Texas AAPI population has influenced the state and its markets, and vice-versa
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An economist's take on what can be done about housing affordability
The massive price growth many of us have benefitted from in the past several years has put a 'starter home' out of reach for many Americans
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What the early census numbers say about moving patterns
There's a widespread belief that Americans have all packed up and moved because of the pandemic. However, the data that's coming in so far tells a different story
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2022 game plan: 20+ buyer and seller facts to inform your business
What's critical to buyers and sellers now, and what's changed over the past year? If you're in the throes of strategizing for next year, here are a few key demographics, trends and takeaways — plucked from NAR's 2021 buyer and seller research — broken down for brokers, teams and agents
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Boost your traffic: 3 Google Analytics stats you need to track
A lot of real estate professionals have heard of Google Analytics — but few really use this powerful tool to grow their audiences. Here are the top stats you need to focus on
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Everyone is moving to Florida! Or maybe they aren't
Despite narratives about buyers flocking to Florida, data from Atlas Van Lines and Florida's 2020 Demographic Estimating Conference suggest the migration patterns are negligible
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Homebuyers are becoming more diverse — and facing 'headwinds'
A demographics panel at NAR's Real Estate Forecast Summit talked about the declining share of first-time homebuyers, the 'baby bust,' and the rise in multigenerational living
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4 ways giving back helps you become a better agent
Volunteering helps to keep your perspective fresh by broadening your horizons
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LeadingRE digs into real estate consumer preferences: Experience or digital savvy?
The global community of indie firms will have access to consumer segmentation research
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How the aging US population impacts housing
As America ages, its homes must adapt -- but are they?
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The 2016 American dream: 4 beds, 3 baths
Is multigenerational living pushing the square-footage bounds of new single-family homes?
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16 easy ways to dial in your Instagram marketing
It's for photos, but the pros know it's all about specificity
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How to convert Internet leads into signed business
The trick is in the follow-up
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8 megatrends that will transform the real estate market
Find out what's trending globally in the next couple decades
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How to calculate customer acquisition cost
Tracking every channel is crucial
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