Most were pleased with President Trump's performance and identified with him as a real estate business person
by Andrea V. Brambila | May 17
Eric Blankenstein, who oversees fair lending enforcement within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, used N-word multiple times in the unearthed blog post from 2004
by Patrick Kearns | Oct 2
Economists say loosing restrictions could help solve the industry's low inventory problem, but it also raises certain risks
by Patrick Kearns | May 23
Lending giant allegedly charged borrowers fines for the bank's own mistakes
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Legislation would 'enhance competition' by putting smaller firms on a level playing field, trade group argues
It's unlikely to be overturned entirely or prompt a subprime lending surge
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Executive order will ask Treasury secretary to fix issues with Dodd-Frank
by Teke Wiggin | Feb 3
Changes to regulations and GSEs might make it easier to qualify for a mortgage loan
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Results from our largest national agent survey to date
by Tim & Julie Harris | Nov 29
Trade group won vast majority of races it supported, but Realtor issues remain at risk
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4 ways to reduce defaults without shutting out new buyers
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The differences in boundaries and expectations can mean everything
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Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool Kit helps government agencies and financial services companies comply with Dodd-Frank’s workplace diversity requirements
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These new changes will impact the closing process
by Craig Roberts | Jun 5
These new changes will impact the closing process
by Craig Roberts | Jun 4