New research suggests that they're not
by Steve Cook Feb 6
A new Apartment List study provides the first hard evidence that large numbers of millennials who would like to become homeowners are so frustrated that they have changed their minds, at least for now
by Steve Cook Dec 5
A typical family possessed 160% of the estimated income required to buy a home in August, according to NAR
by Patrick Kearns Oct 11
New 'Housing Aspirations' report determined that a whopping 76% would rather upgrade than relocate
by Patrick Kearns Oct 11
Millennial homeownership, sexual harassment and credit scores were also discussed
by Patrick Kearns May 16
What are the interests and challenges of this homebuying demographic?
by Gill South Nov 3
Houston wages close to national average, and allow purchase of a reasonably-priced home
by Kimberley Sirk Jan 27
Two recent surveys offer conflicting views on whether millennials still consider owning a home part of the ‘American dream’
by Amy Tankersley Dec 7
As the market continues to recover, average down payments are on the rise, according to quarterly report
by Amy Tankersley Nov 20
As ValueInsured prepares to launch down payment protection program, company says survey points to homebuyers’ reluctance to dive into homeownership and risk losing their nest eggs
by Amy Tankersley Nov 10
Association’s proposal disrupts current mortgage structures with product intended to give homeowners ways to build equity faster
by Amy Tankersley Oct 15
The up-and-coming generation is more likely to buy a home than you might think
by Amy Tankersley Sep 25
Web-based tool lets borrowers know exactly when to expect their lenders to stop charging them for private mortgage insurance
by Amy Tankersley Aug 19
According to Zillow, renters are spending twice as much of their income on housing than homeowners are on their mortgage payments
by Amy Tankersley Aug 14