The well-funded iBuyer's new Agent Partner Program will send sellers who don't meet its cash-offer criteria to outside agents, putting it more in line with Zillow Offers
by Patrick Kearns | Apr 9
Two leading iBuyers, Opendoor and Offerpad, sold 1 out of 10 homes to institutional single-family investors this year, according to Attom Data Solutions
by Teke Wiggin | Nov 29
The well-funded San Francisco startup is acquiring Open Listings for an undisclosed sum, giving it more real estate agents and a new tech platform
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For agents, iBuyers offer a unique opportunity to adjust their value proposition
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The iBuyer announces plans to reach 50 markets by 2020 alongside massive funding round
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iBuyer appears set to expand to 3 new markets
by Emma Hinchliffe | Mar 9
35%-43% of homeowners in Opendoor's markets would opt for a bigger place if they were guaranteed a 'smooth and stress free' transition, according to a study commissioned by the iBuyer.
by Emma Hinchliffe | Mar 5
Opendoor CEO Eric Wu shares his vision for the startup, which includes 'title, mortgage, home service and so on.'
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Tune into Inman's Facebook page where RealScout's Andrew Flachner will ask Wu all your burning questions
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What's different about this company's guarantee and treatment of clients?
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Deep-pocketed real estate startup rolls out another one-of-a-kind product
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Exceptionally well-funded startup aims to solve big homebuyer problem
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