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by Byron Lazine Jun 12
It’s well past time to face the ugly truth — racial discrimination, as pointed out in the Newsday study, is happening in real estate. Denying it won’t make it go away
by Jay Thompson Nov 20
Agents should be more inclusive in marketing homes
by Teresa Boardman Feb 22
Finding the right buyer may have more implications than you think
by Teresa Boardman Jan 12
During his keynote address, Congressman David Cicilline mentioned that he's re-introduced the Equality Act
by Marian McPherson Mar 16
School, crime and traffic data used to grant or deny 'Location Certified' designation to listings
by Teke Wiggin Aug 12
Except for agents in New Jersey and Delaware, which ban agents from sharing sex offender information
by Teke Wiggin Nov 9
These tips will have you enjoying your tenants and have them enjoying you, too
by Jake Durtschi Aug 12
Movoto, NeighborhoodScout under scrutiny by NFHA
by Teke Wiggin Jun 23
Online stats doing ‘what brokers have been forbidden to do for the better part of 4 decades’
by Teke Wiggin Apr 29
Watch what you say about crime, defects, religion
by Bernice Ross Nov 5