Going back to basics? Here's what top agents are doing to finish the year strong
Stop listening to the noise right now. Be aware of the market do not let it steal your focus, and get ready to rally your team by getting back to basics
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Mauricio Umansky’s top 5 tips for impactful leadership
Be able to see the big picture, but don’t lose sight of the details — they matter, too, The Agency founder says
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Team in a summer slump? Turn to the Extreme Pareto Principle
You know it as the 80-20 rule, but have you actually lived by it? The extreme version challenges you to narrow your focus further for big rewards
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6 pro tips for first-time real estate investors looking to make a change
The real estate industry has remained remarkably stable during the pandemic, prompting some Americans to turn to investing. Veteran investors shared their tips with Inman
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Remember all that fuss about VR? What happened there?
Once upon a time, virtual reality was touted as a potential game-changer for many industries. So, why didn't it take off as expected? And what potential does it still hold?
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Who said what? 5 communication obstacles that can derail a transaction
From misinformation to misunderstanding, so many communication errors can occur during a real estate transaction. That's why agents need to better understand how they happen and how to prevent them
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Get it done! 4 tips for keeping your day on track
As we begin to enter the next phase, now is a great opportunity for agents to implement good work habits to maximize their productivity and return to business with greater focus than ever
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How can your team thrive through uncertainty? Focus on this equation
Many people have a tendency to go straight into survival mode when crisis hits, but Kathleen Black is here to help you thrive, rather than survive, in uncertainty
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Focus! 6 hacks for curbing daily distractions
If you take all that effort and energy spent spinning your wheels in every direction and focus on your business, you just might find yourself too busy selling real estate to get distracted
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Want to be a top producer? Do these 6 things
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6 time management tips agents can’t succeed without
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Why focus is crucial to getting things done
If research tells us anything, focusing on one thing at a time can make you a better agent
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Why the grass is greener where you stand
Focusing on what you already have will help you meet your goals
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