New master franchises announced in Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus, and Romania
by Gill South | Dec 20

This listing is classic Greece — white walls offsetting that crystalline blue color of the sea that you only see in this cradle of civilization. It’s listed with Mykonos Estates.

by Inman | Jan 11
Real estate is more tangible than many other investments
by Jason Hogg | Nov 6
Patches to fix China's and Greece's problems likely won't work
by Lou Barnes | Jul 10
Freddie Mac survey shows rates holding steady around 4 percent as investors eye financial crises in Greece and China
by Amy Tankersley | Jul 9
Interest rates are at their highest levels since last fall as economists eye Greek crisis and Fed's expected rate hike
by Amy Tankersley | Jul 6
Inman's economy expert couldn't care less about Greece; instead, he's tracking the Shanghai index
by Lou Barnes | Jul 2
Oil prices should hold inflation down
by Lou Barnes | Feb 20
Commentary: Deep losses have afflicted both the guilty and the innocent
by Lou Barnes | Apr 19
Demand for purchase loans lower than a year ago
by Inman | May 24
Commentary: Debt is a sideshow in European crisis
by Lou Barnes | Mar 23
Commentary: Latest European Band-Aid won't heal the wounds
by Lou Barnes | Mar 9
Commentary: 'first solid increase in consumer credit in 4 years'
by Lou Barnes | Feb 10
Commentary: US is temporary beneficiary of euro doom
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Commentary: European debt deal is another 'can-kick'
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