Real estate is a problem-solving business. As an agent, being able to turn a 'no' into a 'yes' is a crucial skill to have under your belt. Here are 9 ways to do it
by Bernice Ross | Jun 3
Agents are hungry to know what's going to happen to their businesses and the industry as a whole. Leslie Appleton-Young, the vice president of the California Association of Realtors, shares a real-world, data-driven snapshot into today's realities
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Find out how Jackson Wilkey unlocked the code for generating thousands of leads from YouTube
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Take any opportunity you can find to grow and expand
by Matt Johnson | Sep 6
Keep communication open and honest for easier deals and a more pleasant experience for everyone
by Matt Johnson AND Andrew Wetzel | Aug 31
Working your database with Michael Helllickson
by Matt Johnson | Aug 29
Stay consistent, and commit to completing your task
by Matt Johnson | Aug 24
Start seeing rejections as opportunities rather than failures
by Matt Johnson | Aug 22
Give your clients good advice, and they will remember you forever
by Matt Johnson | Aug 16
Leigh Brown: 'People want you to be a human because that's why they need us for real estate'
by Matt Johnson | Aug 15
Give your prospects so much value that it would feel wrong to hire someone else
by Matt Johnson | Aug 10
Make yourself indispensable -- instill confidence and professionalism
by Matt Johnson | Aug 8
Instead of treating the sellers like they are ignorant, teach them
by Matt Johnson | Aug 2
Greg McDaniel dishes all the dirt
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Success doesn't just rely on knowledge but also on good leadership skills and business awareness
by Matt Johnson | Jul 12