Homeshoppers will likely run for the hills if they see these potential problems
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From market movements to marketing strategies, everyone’s scared of something. Here’s what real estate agents around the country are afraid of this spooky season
Not because they like ghosts — it’s because they’re broke
by Marian McPherson Oct 28
Throughout October, Bungalo will screen all its homes for ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night
Century 21 agent James Pyle’s Scream-inspired listing went viral on Zillow this weekend with nearly 560,000 views
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The owner warned them not to show the listing at night, but they did it anyway
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Join into the fall festivities, and show your clients a good time — they'll tell everyone they know about it
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The iBuyer is hosting a Halloween bash on Sunday, Oct. 14 featuring the 'first indoor pumpkin patch' in one of its Phoenix-area homes
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A Colonial, a Tudor, a Greek Revival and a Cape Cod walk into a bar...
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Embrace the haunted past of your listings
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Don't let your epitaph read 'forgettable' this Allhallow's eve
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Looks like haunted houses don't scare off all buyers, according to
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Witch of these tricks will you try this year?
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Simple seasonal ways to reconnect with your sphere
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The runners-up included San Francisco, San Jose, Milwaukee and more
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