The tours will appear as a content block on the same page as the listing information
by Fabiana Flores Gordon | Jul 20
Kodakit service handles scheduling, payment and content delivery
by Teke Wiggin | Apr 26
New HouseLens platform lets agents discover, hire and pay vendors
by Teke Wiggin | Mar 10
Mergers, integrations, acquistions, partnerships and more
by Inman | Nov 19
The company continues to find new ways to benefit real estate agents
by Craig C. Rowe | Jun 13
Sponsors and exhibitors delivering breakthroughs to Inman Connect San Francisco
by Inman | Jun 2
Company promises fully edited footage in 24 to 48 hours
by Marian McPherson | Feb 19
HouseLens unveils package to help agents create their own listing marketing materials
by Teke Wiggin | Nov 25
See who's partnering with whom to help agents and consumers with the homebuying and selling process
by Inman | Sep 1
As videos become more prevalent, you might need pros you can trust with your listings
by Craig C. Rowe | May 21
The HouseLens marketing communications coordinator talks transparency and
by Inman | May 13
HouseLens raises $2M in funding with plans to expand offerings
by Teke Wiggin | Oct 29