A thread on Inman's Coast to Coast Facebook thread ignited volumes of debate about which CRM software is the best and what agents should do if they no longer want to work with Contactually
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Are fringe services, including mortgage, settlement and insurance, the future?
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These competitive brokers spill about the advantages of each and how to play to your own brokerage’s strengths in a changing market
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Led by Science, Inc., backers of the real estate investment platform also included Zelkova Ventures, Morgan Creek Capital, Cross Culture Ventures and Ulu Ventures
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A purely speculative analysis of which markets and acquisitions could be next for the cash-rich, NYC-based company
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Naples office is Compass' second in Florida, joining one in Miami that includes the Fort Lauderdale market
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Data management system hopes to service 250,000 agents by the end of 2018
by Patrick Kearns | May 14

March 2018 is already witnessing an array of real estate industry hires and promotions. Who’s making moves? Which businesses are bringing in new blood or creating fresh positions? Here’s a rundown of some recent HR news across the board.

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How are they staying relevant and getting brokers to buy in?
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Mergers, integrations, acquistions, partnerships and more
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The real estate portal is launching a photo and video generator in tandem with the NBA team
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Mergers, integrations, acquistions, partnerships and more
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Agents from Realty Associates Florida Properties are now under Dream Homes International
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The ins and outs of the battle
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Singh brings experience in data mining, analytics and research from the world's top tech companies
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