US bank repossessions dropped by 6% in August to a total of 2,035 properties foreclosed on by lenders, while foreclosure filings rose by 11%
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 10
During the second quarter of 2020, equity-rich properties outnumber seriously underwater properties 4 to 1, according to a report by Attom Data Solutions
by Lillian Dickerson Aug 5
The number of U.S. homes in the process of foreclosure that are currently sitting empty barely changed between the first and second quarters of 2020, due to the coronavirus-induced moratorium on foreclosures
by Lillian Dickerson May 27
Roughly one-quarter, or 26.5%, of the 54.7 million mortgaged homes in the U.S. were equity-rich in Q1 2020, according to Attom Data Solutions' Q1 2020 U.S. Home Equity & Underwater Report
by Lillian Dickerson May 7
Despite sales falling in many other states across the nation amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Iowa real estate has managed to achieve the opposite
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 20
A recent survey by LawnStarter ranked the homebuyer happiness index in each state and found the lowest satisfaction levels in Wyoming and District of Columbia
by Lillian Dickerson Feb 19
Oregon, New York and Iowa experienced falling rental rates and rising home prices, according to Apartment Guide ranked 200 cities of varying sizes based on quality of life factors
by Kimberly Manning Jun 29
Here is the latest Zillow data covering today’s Iowa residential market
by Inman Feb 17
Several common misconceptions unveiled
by Bernice Ross Aug 24
Tensions over recruiting practices disrupt co-brokerage in Des Moines market
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 3 Midwest states host some of smallest median home sizes
by Inman Nov 8
From AOL Real Estate: Share ranges from 53% to 73%
by Inman Oct 14
Sales fall in all but 6 states
by Inman Aug 10
Several metros in 'Farm Belt' states show employment strength
by Inman Jun 30