The European Central Bank's move to stimulate the European economy set President Trump into a tizzy. Here's why his tweets don't make any sense
by Lou Barnes | Sep 13
With the new franchise, the country's biggest franchisor now has more than 50 market centers and 2,164 agents across 10 countries and regions in Asia
by Patrick Kearns | Sep 12

With most job markets becoming competitive for both young job-seekers and older career professionals, many are not confident in establishing, much less sustaining, a certain level of active income. Given the situation, some investors see that opportunity resides most in global real estate. Whether it’s from modern in-city living or vacation-style accommodations, people can always profit from real estate. They just have to know what to look for.

by John Anderson | May 9
Inman Market Intel's comprehensive data opens the door for stronger pricing models
by Bernice Ross | Mar 14
Big gains in jobs and a flicker of inflation might have reversed rates altogether -- thus, holding here is good news
by Lou Barnes | Mar 7
Respect and high-quality customer service goes a long way
by Kellie Tinnin | Jan 27
The newest generation is taking the reins in business, politics and society
by Jay O'Brien | Dec 4

An overwhelming consensus of economists expects Fed liftoff at last in December. Good thing we’ve had several hundred miles of runway. An equally overwhelming consensus in the bond market thinks the Fed may get the bird airborne, but not for long. Nor for good reason.

by Lou Barnes | Nov 13
Moscow property prices are struggling to keep up appearances among the world's leading cities
by Yulia Kozhevnikova | Oct 23
There's only one domino separating Russia and NATO
by Lou Barnes | Mar 28
Optimists cling to hopes that consumers have deleveraged and are borrowing again
by Lou Barnes | Feb 21
Insights from Olivia Decker, founder, Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty
by Inman | Feb 13
Stock market sell-off was overdue, and bond rally is knocking rates down
by Lou Barnes | Jan 31