On Sunday, one day after announcing he would run for president, Kanye West tweeted a photo of his prefabricated, low-income housing design that he rolled out about a year ago, indicating that the project may be back in full-swing
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 6
The property was spearheaded by developer Gala Asher and originally listed for $55M
Even in a lagging luxury market, some buyers shelled out millions for star properties
The ranch bears a striking resemblance to another one West and Kim Kardashian purchased in September
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have once again made real estate news — this time, for the purchase of a ranch
The floors are made of Belgian plaster that can only be repaired by a special crew from Europe
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A 'Los Angeles Times' investigation found ties between the former Compass employee and the celebrity home gossip site
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Simply upload screenshots of your favorite decor and get a list of budget-friendly alternatives
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It's for photos, but the pros know it's all about specificity
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The rapper has mastered the arts of branding himself, self-promotion and staying on top
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