The secret to a happy, loyal team? It starts with accountability
Team members who are achieving their goals don’t leave. If an agent leaves because they don’t like accountability and are not achieving their goals, then love them as they go out the door
by Leslie Guiley Feb 22
‘True bosses’ Tami Bonnell and Bess Freedman on leading through a comeback
The Exit Realty Corp. International co-chair and Brown Harris Stevens CEO said add value, foster a great culture and take time for yourself in order to be a good leader
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 20
5 secret ingredients to creating buyer loyalty
Put these ingredients in place for every buyer lead you receive, and you’ll succeed with more ease and fewer headaches — while building that ever-elusive loyalty
by Darryl Davis Jul 26
Build lifelong relationships! How to cultivate client loyalty
Providing clients with incredible customer service, hearing their feedback and having their best interest at heart will ensure an enduring relationship that can turn into new business should they choose to refer you to friends and family
by James Harris AND David Parnes Apr 22
7 secrets to growing a high-performing, loyal, lasting team
High-performing teams are developed, grown and cultivated with purpose — from the inside out. Here are the common themes I see among solid teams
by Chris Pollinger Mar 4
How to build a loyal, motivated team
To build a cohesive team, you need to carefully select its members, support each other, create incentives and celebrate the wins
by David Parnes AND James Harris Feb 6
The secret to building a powerful indie brokerage with loyalty
How to establish loyalty within your brokerage
Check for warning signs of agents’ dissatisfaction and establish a support system
by Jennifer Riner May 22
Two hands holding out a gift
Keep your clients coming back to you post-sale
by Robert Reich Apr 8
Creating buyer loyalty in real estate
How to get them to sign a buyer agency agreement with you
by Tim & Julie Harris Mar 20