Any agent who treats themselves like a business from the outset establishes a solid foundation for their real estate career and sets themselves up for long-term success
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Successful team leaders and stars of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles James Harris and David Parnes share what has helped them grown their business into a reputable team
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From state-of-the-art gyms to custom salons and high-end sports courts, today’s luxury buyers are seeking more than just the finest fixtures and finishes — they want a resort-style destination to escape to
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Here's how James Harris and David Parnes of "Million Dollar Listing LA" fame moved across the pond to The Agency and beat all the major challenges along the way — growing a team from scratch, with no contacts and no track record
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Whether it’s employee training, branding, refreshing your website or focusing on a good cause, pouring extra funds into your business or team is one of the most beneficial ways to grow
May 6
Providing clients with incredible customer service, hearing their feedback and having their best interest at heart will ensure an enduring relationship that can turn into new business should they choose to refer you to friends and family
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The home has become the center of the universe for many of us during the pandemic. In 2021, buyers are seeking unique amenities that make living and working from home exciting and comfortable. Here are a few
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