'Do the right thing': Jade Mills on $100M deals, downturns and more
The broker and president of Jade Mills Estates at Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills revealed the secrets to her success and offered advice to new agents, luxury agents and everyone in between
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 11
Keep in touch! 7 effective ways to maintain past-client relationships
Getting your name out there consistently (and frequently) is the key to building name recognition and retaining clients. Make sure your past clients don't forget you and choose to use you again next time they need an agent
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5 ways to harness PR and stand out in today's market
PR is a vital component of achieving success in today’s cutthroat market. Here's how to push your business forward and reach the right clients by being strategic and working with PR pros
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Don't give up on radio! There's still value in radio ads
Sure, radio might not be what it was in its heyday. However, the low costs and the proliferation of podcasts and other streaming services could make it an attractive option for some agents. Here's what you need to know
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What’s in a name? Why naming and personal branding matter
In her recent TEDx Talk, branding expert Stacey Ross Cohen explained that personal branding starts from birth. Find out how your personal brand — starting with your name — can help you make the first impression you want with clients and colleagues
How to keep your commission off the negotiating table
You are worth your commission, and be sure to continue striving to be more and more deserving of every dollar you receive
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Time for a brand overhaul? Here’s how to tell (and launch)
An audit will allow you to see the flaws in your current brand, and if need be, you can adjust — or scrap entirely — and rebuild using these 7 tips
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Facebook Messenger open on a mobile phone
Clients are using IM and so should you
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How to market to the reptilian brain
The old brain is skeptical, and it takes great marketing to make action to happen
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Customer messaging tools like ClickDesk can quickly increase the value of every website visitor
ABC is old-school -- ACT now for better results
'Always creating trust' is mantra for millennium
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