Start small, look at the numbers, get to know people, and create a budget
by Missy Yost | Nov 4
Throughout your career, you’ll need to continue this network-building, back to basics, sphere of influence marketing
by Marilyn Blume | Sep 25
The community social network is launching Your Home, a new section that provides consumers with insights about their property and connections to local real estate agents
by Jim Dalrymple II | Jun 25
Making a house a home requires more than brick and mortar. Find out what buyers need, what they want and what's a good investment for their lifestyle
by Thomas Wilkins | Jun 5
Make sure your potential buyers see the charm in the home and the neighborhood, and remove uncertainties
by Kathleen Kuhn | May 7
The critical aspects you use in your comparative market analysis will help your secure buyer clients today and well into the future
by Nico Hohman | Feb 6
Always have a plan B (and C and D), and you'll be covered
by Tara-Nicholle Nelson | Jun 15
Share your neighborhood knowledge to make a lasting impression
by Parker O’Very | Mar 7
Put clients’ needs first, and their happiness will be your reward
by Stephen Marshall | Oct 18
Get to know your neighborhoods -- and the types of houses you find in them -- inside and out
by Anna Johansson | Aug 7
These tips will make moving in a pleasant experience
by Einat Mazafi | Jun 28
'America's gay neighborhoods have recovered at a faster rate than non-gay neighborhoods,' says Trulia's chief economist
by Amber Taufen | Jun 7
Walkable storefronts and locations give consumers more authentic experiences
by Deidre Woollard | Feb 14
Homeshoppers should buy with their heads, not their hearts
by Erika Dalager | Aug 31