Keller Williams agent Christian Council was attacked early Saturday morning in Oklahoma City. He said the incident 'felt like a hate crime' after the assailants allegedly used homophobic language
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 1
Stewart Weldon is awaiting trial for allegedly killing 3 women. His former Massachusetts home is for sale, and this week, it traumatized a couple who visited the home with an agent
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 23
The feature, which is part of a new dashboard, comes amid an ongoing debate about privacy, surveillance and the growth of smart-home technology
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 6
A new White House report on homelessness says that overregulation and other factors have led to hundreds of thousands of people living on the street
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 17
'There's blood everywhere,' said the agent on a 911 call
by Britt Chester Oct 17
Ignacio Beato will serve 4 years in prison for defrauding buyers out of $750,000
by Marian McPherson Oct 6
AP and LA Times say he owned rental properties in Los Angeles and Dallas
by Marian McPherson Oct 3
Owner-occupied home tax credit is awaiting approval in Annapolis
by Kimberley Sirk Feb 3
Bluetooth-powered device sends distress calls to local emergency dispatches
by Amy Tankersley Jan 13
It's not just a big city problem anymore
by Teresa Boardman Oct 22
Open your eyes to tenant representation and educating potential buyers
by Bernice Ross Aug 31
There's no better way to be a community expert than to participate
by Rett Harmon Jun 30
Data science is being used across many facets of industry for greater business success
by Valentin Saportas Jun 25
What you can do to help your local service members, teachers
by Bernice Ross May 18