Federal Reserve’s normal duty is to lean against acceleration to intercept future inflation
by Lou Barnes | Jul 24
The Fed has been it since 2008, and now owns $1.7 trillion in home loans
by Lou Barnes | Sep 26
Increase in HELOCs, lower lending standards are warning signs of another housing bubble
by Louis Cammarosano | Jun 9
Weaker euro would benefit buyers paying in dollars, yen and renminbi
by OPP Connect | Jun 6
When economy is in transition, take it slow unless transparently behind the curve
by Lou Barnes | Mar 21
If European Central Bank embarks on QE, expect US interest rates and stocks to skyrocket
by Lou Barnes | Feb 7
Stock market sell-off was overdue, and bond rally is knocking rates down
by Lou Barnes | Jan 31
If the Fed's 'quantitative easing' was good for the economy, its absence is not
by Lou Barnes | Jan 24
Expectations for QE taper, economic acceleration tempered by fragile nature of recovery
by Lou Barnes | Dec 13
The insane principles governing the bond market since 2008 remain in effect
by Lou Barnes | Dec 6
Prospects for faster growth are apparent only in Fed models
by Lou Barnes | Nov 22
Stable cost of energy is a huge help while buying time
by Lou Barnes | Oct 25
Now that Tea Party has shot its wad, president and mainstream Republicans can get down to business
by Lou Barnes | Oct 18
If shutdown drags on, home sales and closings will suffer
by Lou Barnes | Oct 4
What if low interest rates, not healthy economy, are driving new construction?
by Louis Cammarosano | Sep 20