Fallout looms following Amazon's decision to pull out of Long Island City. 'We drove out the largest company in the world because of socialism,' one agent scoffed
by Jim Dalrymple II | Feb 14
In a statement, Amazon says it will not build HQ2 in New York due to opposition from local pols
by Patrick Kearns | Feb 14
Real estate agents in Long Island City, Queens, say the surrounding area has already benefited from increased publicity
by Jim Dalrymple II | Feb 8
Facility in converted hotel would be third for small Queens community
by Patrick Kearns | May 15
Rates fell compared to last quarter, but first-time foreclosures are up 24 percent annually
by Jennifer Riner | Oct 11
Deteriorating wage growth and rising home prices bringing some major markets to low affordability levels
by Jennifer Riner | Sep 30
New York City moves fast, but are it's home builders keeping up the pace?
by Jennifer Riner | Sep 21
A reported 10,000 units are coming to market next year
by Britt Chester | Aug 8
Aurora in Long Island City holds 132 apartments and outstanding sightlines
by Jennifer Riner | Jul 25
Property Shark's NYC foreclosure data for the second quarter of 2016 shows troubling stats for Queens
by Kimberly Manning | Jul 18
Rooftop terraces are always a perk, but some days they're almost a necessity
by Jennifer Riner | Jul 1
Queens, Staten Island neighborhoods hold significantly less risk factors
by Jennifer Riner | Jun 7
Flushing, Jackson Heights and Ridgewood top least expensive neighborhoods
by Jennifer Riner | Jun 6
Both Brooklyn and Queens dropped in closings but grew in median price
by Jennifer Riner | May 30
Tax abatement program that expired in January has not been signed for renewal
by Jennifer Riner | May 6